Search for Truth: Brighter Days Ahead


I question authority and those who don’t. Question everything and go against the grain. Forge your own path.
I’ve found myself on a journey seeking truth, bringing alike minds along for the ride. I’m an amateur poet and mother of two beautiful souls.

It is said, “Those who look outward Dream and those who look inward Awaken.” Carl Jung

Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of enlightenment?
If you haven’t you should do a little research.
“Don’t get stuck in this little bandwidth of what’s going on in so called reality, because reality is way the f*ck bigger than we have been told.” ~Unknown

(I’m not going to preach religious babble. I’m not religious I’m spiritual.)
Believe me though there is something after this life. There are mountains of evidence.

There are 400,000 year old artifacts and older on this planet that were made by civilizations that the mainstream has never even heard about.
You can Google or research the information I’m talking about.

My poetry explores many topics and opens many doors. I love to learn and share the wisdom. Join me in my quest.
(Many scoff at the unimaginable and the unfathomable.)
I however believe in finding hidden truths and exposing lies.

If you have some free time look up a few things like the Esoteric Agenda, Esoterics and the Bible, Esoteric Astrology, Astrology (I’m not just talking about your horoscope.), Birth Natal Charts, Kundalini Awakening, Chakras, Mother Earth’s Chakras, Metaphysics, Esoteric Reality, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Synchrinosities, Soul Astrology, Numerology, etc.
(A lot has been summed up as superstition, but in reality it isn’t.)

Notice how far away from Nature society has wandered?
We have become so dependent on technology that a majority of the people would be lost without it.
(The average person looks at their phone every 90sec.)
Our brains aren’t only for using 10% of it. 97% of our DNA is considered junk DNA.
We have 64 codons and typically only access 20 of them…

If you do a little digging you’ll find that each and every one of us is capable of personal evolution.
They aren’t kidding when they say knowledge is power.

We’re slaves to technology meant to be free and one with nature.
Call me crazy, but I’m not the only one that sees.
Wake up! We are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience.
So we should do just that, experience LIFE. Instead of dying in a virtual-reality.

Read and use your own discernment, find what resonates within you.
Awaken your soul.
“As below so above.”

Love and Light


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